Thursday, October 13, 2011

iCloud, What is it and how it works?

From yesterday, Apple users have had - and have - the option to upgrade their old operating system by the newly iOS 5, a platform that brings many new features and this time noted for having a new tool. We refer to icloud, of course, a new system that Apple has invented and that is to allow storage in the cloud. A delight for users who are holding various devices: either an iPhone, iPad, and even a desktop computer where they work or spend your leisure time. Today we jump right into the universe icloud, since Apple has already released the tool and it's quite possible you were wondering what it does and if you can find it useful for something.Perhaps this article may serve to clarify concepts of something. Here we go.

Your content, accessible from anywhere

As I said earlier, icloud is a complex system of storage in the cloud that aims to give access to the information you have stored online through all your devices. This means you can download songs from your computer and these will be stored in icloud so that later you can listen from your iPhone, iPhone or iPod Touch, for example. The same applies to your photos, applications, email, calendars and so on. In return you will not have to do anything. The contents are kept alone and synchronization becomes better life.icloud is a manager who works in the cloud to you.

What does icloud?

Well, I must say that icloud is already installed on all devices that have iOS 5. This includes your Mac, iPhone, iPod and iPhone, as long as you and up to date. Thus, to access and will have 5 GB free space, without storing photos, music and applications. This is borne by Apple. In this way, you have at your disposal - the bat - 5 GB to store documents and other files you want to have in the cloud. You may want to expand your storage capacity. You'll have to see how they spread these GB. Know, however, that 10 GB cost 16 euros per year, 20 GB, 32 euros per year and 50 GB, 80 euros. Study the possibilities and see what suits you best. The options are as varied.

Dennis Ritchie dies, the father of the programming language C

On Thursday, it announced the news that the father of C programming language and developer of the Unix operating system, has died at age 70 on Oct. 9.

Just four days after the death Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, Dennis Ritchie, won the National Medal of Technology in the United States in 1998.

Dennis Ritchie MacAlister was born September 9, 1941, he received the Turing Award in 1983 for the development of genericoperating systems theory and its implementation in a Unix system.

It should be noted that in the C programming language, are based most operating systems currently used, such as Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Unix, among others.

The vast majority of applications iOS (iPhone OS, iPhone and iPod) have been created in a programming language based on C.

A few hours after he announced the news of his death, Dennis Ritchie, has become a "trending topic" on Twitter.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NASA announced that another satellite will fall on Earth

The space agency estimates that the German Rosat, 2.4 tons, will impact in any area of Canada next week

After the expectation that the announcement caused a satellite falling out of control, which finally ended in the waters of the Pacific, NASA reported that another, the German Rosat, will rush to Earth next week. The place? Not specified any areas of Canada.

The German satellite ROSAT was part of a joint project between Germany, the United States and Britain. It weighs 2.4 tonnes and is out of operation since 1999, when it was shut after a failure in its guidance systemIt is speculated that the problem was related to the entry of viruses into the computer system.

Experts say that during its entry into the Earth, the satellite will break in about 30 large pieces and some of them, with a total massup to 1.6 tons, could survive the collapse across the atmosphere.

German control center reported that there is a possibility that between 2,000 Rosat damage any part of any person, as published by the Daily Mail today

Two weeks ago the UARS satellite fell into the Pacific, after several days of speculation about where the precipitate.

But UARS and Rosat are not the only ones causing concern among experts. In the report that NASA should study the situation of the "fleet" of satellites in space, as a unit operator Telesat CanadaAnik F2, also held in recent days on edge scientists.

The satellite, which provides services to U.S. and Canadian customers (including a broadband service), suffered a failure last week by mistake in the software that was disabled 12 hoursIt was initially considered the possibility that Anik F2 also could fall to Earth, but ultimately the only problem was that caused left millions of users without Internet and 48 flights on the ground, with about 1,000 passengers affected.

Monday, October 10, 2011

iPhone 4s Presale over one million units in one day

Apple reported that iPhone pre-orders reached 4S million units in a single day, surpassing the previous model demand smartphone.
"We are impressed with the response of iPhone customers 4S unbelievable," said Philip Schiller, senior vice president ofworldwide product marketing in a statement. "The first day of pre-4s for the iPhone is more than any new product Apple has launched, "he added.
The 4 hit the 600,000 iPhone orders last year, during the stage prior to its outlet through carriers AT & T, United States.
The new version of the popular smartphone is characterized by incorporating the A5 processor dual-core promises better performance and better handling of graphics, an 8-megapixel camera and video recording in high definition. The device also incorporates the system Siri, a intelligent assistant that helps to make the ask on the phone.
4s The iPhone will be sold by carriers AT & Wireless and Sprint Nextel TVerizon States States. Costa Rica, Claro, InstitutoCostarricense de Electricidad (ICE), Movistar said they will offer the device when Apple support your availability in Latin America.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Steve Jobs to the big screen

Sony Pictures made ​​a substantial offer to take over the film rights to an authorized biography about Steve Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson, former editor of Time magazine. 
The study made an offer of between one million and three million dollars for a project that would have the production of Mark Gordon ("Saving Private Ryan", 1998), whose representation agency, ICM, is the same as that of Isaacson.  
Sony Pictures successfully adapted to the big screen other books in recent years, as evidenced by the films "The Social Network" and "Moneyball".  
It was expected that Isaacson's book went on sale in the U.S. November 21 through Simon & Schuster, but finally the date has been advanced to October 24, according to a company spokesman.
This is a work of 448 pages based on 40 interviews with Apple co-founder and a 100 conversations with friends, family, colleagues and competitors. According to the publication, Jobs worked in all aspects of the author of the book, though by mid-August had not yet read.
The technology guru died on Wednesday October 5 to 56 years old, and although the causes of his death have not been publicly released, Jobs was suffering from pancreatic cancer that had been detected in 2004.
It was one of the richest entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley, with a heritage that, according to estimates by Forbes magazine, reached 5,100 million dollars.