Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dennis Ritchie dies, the father of the programming language C

On Thursday, it announced the news that the father of C programming language and developer of the Unix operating system, has died at age 70 on Oct. 9.

Just four days after the death Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, Dennis Ritchie, won the National Medal of Technology in the United States in 1998.

Dennis Ritchie MacAlister was born September 9, 1941, he received the Turing Award in 1983 for the development of genericoperating systems theory and its implementation in a Unix system.

It should be noted that in the C programming language, are based most operating systems currently used, such as Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Unix, among others.

The vast majority of applications iOS (iPhone OS, iPhone and iPod) have been created in a programming language based on C.

A few hours after he announced the news of his death, Dennis Ritchie, has become a "trending topic" on Twitter.


Jackson.k said...

I think that there might be some legit promise in this new technology! i hope people adapt to it, and apple makes it's products use it efficiently

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